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People of Earth,

buy meOh you lucky bitches.  We, the four old men of Snorkel, have started to discuss the possibility of a reunion show to take place sometime this summer in Kalamazoo.

Whether we actually do this or not will depend on laziness and family commitments and all that shit, so don't hold your breath.  It's on the table, though, so with any luck we'll be out there showing our age and feeling slightly ridiculous in about three months or thereabouts. 

We had better see all you old motherfuckers there if we do get this thing going. I'll tell you that much.

Hail Satan, &c, &c...


PS - The date has been REset to Saturday September 20. Visitate ufodictator.com for more details. Here are a few LAME V0 encoded mp3s. Save 'em, stream 'em, collect all three.

And so it came to pass that by the time it started we were belligerently drunk and by the time it was over (not long after it started) most of our shit (and allegedly some of other people's shit) was broken. In other words, we were average. Great audience though .. you were debauched. THANK YOU!


This space-punk quartet will take you from the penthouse to the outhouse over the course of a performance ... wrapping a mystery with an enigma, then bashing you over the head with it. One of Michigan's best kept musical secrets since their riot-inciting debut at a 1992 hemp fest, Snorkel is busy burying canned goods and firearms in preparation for the apocolypse as well as putting the finishing touches on their new CD "I'm With Stupid".

I'M NOT WEARING ANY UNDERPANTS ... and neither are you.

blasting off at the speed of lightAM-7 THE TRAGIC YANK MALFUNCTION
Unadulterated hate and contempt is put on wax. Includes tracks from Snorkel, Gore Gore Girls, 7000 Dying Rats, Bog Blast, and Dimbulb. Nifty cover art by the unfade-able Derek Hess. Put this on, strap on your yank, and do laps around your stereo.

AM-8 SNORKEL "RON JEREMY" / "MY FIST, YOUR ASS" The debut 7" from the headliners of last year's "Up With People" rally. Includes an exhorbitant recording budget, socially concious lyrics, and snappy cover art. Buy this and let Snorkel put their pee pees on you!

PRINCE PIPES UP 7/9/2000 "Young people...need to be educated about how the record companies have exploited artists and abused their rights for so long and about the fact that online distribution is turning into a new medium which might enable artists to put an end to this exploitation."

PRINCE PIPES UP AGAIN 9/14/07 Prince, is taking on three sites that he says are primarily responsible for the online piracy of his music. Prince and a company called Web Sheriff are working closely together to get the offending material pulled from both YouTube and eBay. The third site named in the suit is Torrent peer-to-peer file sharing network / repository Pirate Bay.

AND AGAIN 11/7/2007 Prince and his lawyers are now going after his most popular fan sites for posting pictures of him, album art, and lyrics to his songs. The demands go as far as mandating that the sites pull down pictures fans have taken of their own tattoos, as well as photos of their Prince-inspired license plates.

SUE THE BASTARDS 7/8/2000 Twenty-eight states filed suit Tuesday against the five biggest record companies and two music retailing giants, accusing them of conspiring to fix CD prices. "This illegal action by record companies and retailers has not been music to the ears of the public," New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said in a statement. "Because of these conspiracies, tens of millions of consumers paid inflated prices to buy CDs of artists including <they don't need the publicity -ed>."

Quote Bag

  • it must be love"It is therefore sickening to know that our art is being traded like a commodity rather than the art that it is." - Lars Ulrich, MetallicaDrummer
  • "Fuck that shit." - Morphine Hand, Snorkel Vocalist

sites that don't SUCK
  • http://ufodictator.com
  • http://snse.net
  • http://leppotone.com
  • http://leonstemple.com
  • http://mydeathspace.com

beer - it's what's for dinner

We will be distributing quality music via this site.
All tracks will be available on compact disk or in digital format. The vinyl is all gone.

Cumming soon

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